The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity

The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity

Bev Feldman

Raise your hand if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You love being a mom but feel a little bored with the everyday minutia of motherhood.
  • You feel like your days revolve around the needs of your family and you have no time for yourself.
  • You used to love to do creative activities like writing, knitting, or painting, but since becoming a mom you don’t have the time or money to do the things that used to bring you so much joy.
  • You want to do things that make you happy, but the thought of putting your own needs first fills you with an immense sense of guilt.

As a mom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated and like you have no time for yourself. There are mouths to feed, clothes to wash, and little people to usher around. With a mile-long to-do list and expenses up the wazoo, it’s all too easy to forsake the things that make you happy.

Inspired by my love of being both a mom and a creative with my own interests, I put together this workbook to inspire you to infuse your own creative loves into your daily life and make time for the thing that make you happy!

In this fun and interactive 65-page digital workbook, you’ll find

Quotes from real-life moms about the importance of creativity in their lives and how they make time for their interests-

  • Interviews with life coaches and therapists who specialize in working with moms
  • 21 pages of worksheets to reflect and apply what you have learned to your personal life
  • 7 art prints with inspirational quotes about creativity
  • Tips on letting go of mom guilt, bringing your creative interests into those everyday mundane chores you dread, managing your time, and involving your children in the things that make you happy

Because your time is limited and valuable, each section is designed to be quick and fun. Most sections can easily be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Praise for "The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity"

"It’s easy for a mom of young children to get lost in the haze of parenting. Asserting that creativity is a form of self-care, Bev provides moms with specific and goal-directed exercises to find ways to infuse it into their busy lives. Her e-book reads like a conversation with a friend who has been there, and the advice and resources can be used immediately. I wish this book had been around when I was in the trenches of young parenthood, although I know that Bev’s tips and perspective can help any mom find a creative outlet. Easily read in one sitting or split into five minute chunks of time, this book will change the way you think about what creativity means." -Dana, mom of 2
"Bev know's what she's talking about when it comes to infusing creativity back into my motherhood! By following her worksheets and reading her book, I've rediscovered my love for creativity which has trickled down into my mothering. I highly recommend this book to any mother who's struggling to remember what she really loves doing or wants to make time to practice the art of self care." -Nj, mom of 2
"I really enjoyed reading The Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity! I work from home on multiple online businesses and I'm a mama to a very active toddler. While my work has a creative spin, I realized I no longer make time to be creative just for my own sake. Reading Bev's guide has inspired me to make personal creativity more of a priority in my life, both for my own benefit and for my family's. I loved all of her ideas on how to shift your focus and basically "re-learn" how to be creative in the limited free time you get as a mama, and also how to share the importance and FUN of creativity with your little one!" -Janet, mom of 1

Author Bev Feldman is a creative business owner, jewelry designer, freelance writer, and mom based in the Boston area. She has a Master’s Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus in school counseling and a background working with children and families. Before becoming a mom, she worked in a family community center where, among her many roles, she led parenting groups. She has a passion for travel, good food, consignment-store shopping, and all things handmade. When she's not chasing after her toddler, you can find her working in the jewelry studio watching Periscope videos or Shonda Rhimes shows. Learn more at www.linkouture.com

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